So the new place I’m working the company pays for two lunches a week and I am so damn excited to have free food for days… literally. They also have a stocked kitchen so I plan on gaining like 20 pounds immediately, it will be great. 

Also they sent me a bunch of patagonia swag including a jacket, hoodie, backpack and stripper pants (side button pants).

As my last day at my job approaches, coworkers have been telling me what a great assistant I’ve been and that’s nice and all but a fucking trained monkey could do my job.

It’s like being told you’re great at breathing. Nice sentiment but the compliment means shit.

Once a week we have a coffee cart come in to work and I’ve become buddies with the people who run it and I told them it was my last week and they made me come behind the stand give them a hug and then gave me a giant bag of coffee. This is getting real. 

I’ve been silent because I want up to Shasta for a week and turned off my phone as soon as I got there. I highly recommend not having any connection to the outside world for at least four or five days, along with partying in the woods with a huge age range of people, because man, do the 50-70 year olds know how to party. That sort of thing does wonders for my sanity. And by party I mean drink/smoke in the woods and then swim a lot.

Needless to say, I’m sad I have email/phone and know what time it is. 

I made this for Rebecca (etrangere) but it’s a good list for San Francisco or Santa Cruz eateries if you’re curious.

Where to Eat SF

I’m going to preface all the below but saying I live in a really remote area of SF, like the farthest from downtown you can get so my preferences might be too far out there/biased. I don’t have a lot of familiarity with downtown places so I might not be the person to go to for that.

Another quick note, if you get the chance, I’d recommend going to visit Mt. Tamalpais in Marin, across the golden gate bridge, some of the best hiking and also views in the bay area. I’d also say if you go there to go to either Sol Food or Avatar’s which are maybe my favorite places to eat ever. Sol Food is Puerto Rican and Avatar’s is basically an Indian/Mexican blend place, where they have burritos/enchiladas with Indian food, so amazing.

Literally anywhere in the mission (you’re right that is a neighborhood), the mission has really good/cheap Mexican nearly everywhere, I’d Yelp what was nearby and go with that for something quick, easy, and cheap

Goat Hill Pizza, there are a few locations of this around the city, it’s sourdough pizza and a whole pizza costs around $25 but its cheap for a slice or two

If you’re around the Haight, I’d also recommend Escape From New York Pizza, it’s on the end of Haight

If you go to the inner sunset, like around Judah and 19th, there is a ton of very cheap, generally really good Pho places (Pho is basically Vietnamese soup, so good), this is also right near Golden Gate Park so it’s easy to find something to eat in this area if you’re around

Submarine Center in West Portal, one of my favorite delis in the city, it gets pretty busy around lunchtime but it’s usually fairly quick, I’d recommend the Submarine Sandwich or the Meatball Sandwich.

Kingdom of Dumpling, on Taraval best dumpling place in the city, it’s really really packed around 6-7 during the weekend and Friday but if you go on off hours its more than worth it, it’s super cheap too, for two people I usually never spend more than $20

Dinosaur, amazing Vietnamese sandwiches, there are a few locations in the city


Giorgio’s Pizzeria in the Richmond, this place is so damn good, once again busy, but worth the wait


Burma Superstar or her sister restaurant B Star Bar, B Star Bar takes reservations so I would recommend there over Burma Superstar, this place is AMAZING, not the most expensive but definitely up there and more than worth it, I personally love the Jook and the tea leaf salad but you really can’t go wrong ordering there, also they have pitchers of Mango Mojitos which are amazing


I am not super into paying for breakfast (haha) but my friend is really into brunch and he gave me some recommendations. For all of these, brunch is basically like a competitive sport in SF so it can get really crazy after 10 AM so I would say go earlier then that if possible to all the below.

St. Francis Fountain (on 24th)

Wise Sons (Jewish deli also on 24th)

Boogaloos (Valencia)


Kitchen Story

Also duh make them go to Outerlands

Where to Eat Santa Cruz


Pleasure Pizza, best pizza in SC

Los Pinos, my favorite Mexican place in SC

The Bagelry, the name says it all

Betty’s Burgers, can get crowded, just generally standard good American fare

Taqueria Los Pericos, another really good Mexican place

The Red Room, the downstairs one, NOT the upstairs, good dive bar

The Poet and the Patriot, another good dive bar, they only serve beer

Charlie Hong Kong, good cheap Asian fusion sort of stuff


The Crow’s Nest, generally good American/seafood, good beer and sometimes they have live music, great view, right on the cliffs

The Crepe Place, good for lunch/breakfast, they also sometimes have live music

The Buttery, another good breakfast place, also with some live music, really really good pastries

Surfrider Café, good burgers and sandwiches, also they have spicy fried pickles

Saturn Café, this is a vegetarian restaurant, some of their stuff is fairly cheap though, I’d whole-heartedly recommend the mac n’ cheese, it’s near perfect and they also have excellent salads

Café Brazil, this place gets CRAZY crowded but it’s worth it, amazing Brazilian brunch

Naka Sushi, good sushi bar, nothing special but good food


515 Kitchen and Cocktails, this place makes amazing (albeit somewhat expensive) drinks and some decent appetizers

Rosie McGann’s, good Irish food