I was talking to a venerated author about emailing him at his new address and he said that, “I had to change it because I broke up with a lady and I didn’t want to talk to her anymore”. Keep in mind this is a 75 year old prestigious scholar and professor.

He then proceeded to ask for Jennifer Aniston’s phone number when I asked him if there was anything else I could do.


I just saw one of my close friends from college that I haven’t seen in almost two years. We drank several dranks and I was so nervous but we just clicked again like we did in the old days and it is so apparent to me how rare and how valuable that dynamic is.

How rare it is in real life or internet-wise to just immediately go “oh our brains click, on some fundamental level we understand each other”. I am at the same time so happy and grateful to have more than one person that happens with and so sad to say goodbye to someone that rare. It is with those people in my life I remember why I like humanity (occasionally).



please watch this from beginning to end